ORN Simulator

A Modeling Tool Where Associations Come Alive
  • Bryon K. EhlmannEmail author
Part of the Advances in Database Systems book series (ADBS, volume 39)

The ORN Simulator is a Web-accessible, prototype, data modeling tool that allows a user to model a database and then immediately simulate its operation (Ehlmann and Riccardi 1999, Ehlmann 2002). The user defines object types, or classes, and rela-tionships, or associations, in the context of an ORN-extended ER or class diagram. The model defined by the diagram “comes alive” in the sense that the user can read-ily create, view, and manipulate a prototype database in the context of the model. This allows a database designer to observe, fine-tune, and verify the semantics, or behavior, of associations before implementing them in a real database application.


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