The purpose of the Evaluate phase is to assess the quality of the instructional products and processes, both before and after implementation. The common procedures associated with the Evaluate phase are associated with determining the evaluation criteria, selecting the proper evaluation tools, and conducting evaluations. Upon completion of the Evaluate phase, you should be able to identify your successes, recommend improvements for subsequent projects that are similar in scope, close any accounts related to this project, relinquish any ad hoc authority vested in you for this project, stop all work, transfer all responsibility for implementation and evaluation of the project to the designated administrator or manager, and adjourn the design and development team. The result of this phase is an Evaluation Plan. Common components of an evaluation plan are a summary outlining the purpose, data collection tools, timing, and person or group responsible for a particular level of evaluation, a set of summative evaluation criteria, and a set of evaluation tools. During the client meeting where the Evaluation Plan is delivered, the focus is on measurement. The guiding reference point for assessment and evaluation decisions is the performance gap.


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