The purpose of the Implement phase is to prepare the learning environment and engage the students. The common procedures associated with the Implement phase are to prepare the teacher and to prepare the student. Upon completion of the Implement phase, you should be able to move to the actual learning environment where the student can begin to construct the new knowledge and skills required to close the performance gap. The Implement phase indicates the conclusion of development activities and the end of formative evaluation. Most ADDIE approaches use the Implement phase to transition to summative evaluation activities and other strategies that place into action the teaching and learning process. The result of this phase is an Implementation Strategy. Common components of an implementation strategy are a learner plan and a facilitator plan. During the client meeting where the Implementation Strategy is delivered, the emphasis should be about ways to shift the work from the design team to the people who will actually administer the course of study.


Implement Lesson plan Strategy Design team Instructional design Interaction Learning environment Summative evaluation 

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