The purpose of the Develop phase is to generate and validate selected learning resources. Upon completion of the Develop phase, you should be able to identify all of the resources that will be needed to undertake the planned episodes of intentional learning. By the end of the Develop phase, you should also have selected or developed all of the tools needed to implement the planned instruction, evaluate the instructional outcomes, and complete the remaining phases of the ADDIE instructional design process. The result of this phase is a comprehensive set of learning resources, such as all of the content, instructional strategies, and other lesson plans, educational media needed to support the learning modules, a comprehensive set of directions for each instructional episode and independent activities that facilitate the student’s construction of knowledge and skills, a comprehensive set of directions that will offer guidance to the teacher as he or she interacts with the students during the course of the planned instruction, a formative evaluation plan, and a summary of significant revisions that were made during the Develop phase. During the meeting where the learning resources are presented to the client, the focus should be on communicating the confidence of the design team in the learning resources being able to close the performance gap for the causes due to a lack of knowledge and skills.


Develop Evaluate Instructional design Knowledge and skills Formative evaluation Summative evaluation Performance gap Media Instructional media 

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