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R has an extensive array of help files and documentation. However, they can be somewhat intimidating at first, since many of them assume you already know a lot about R. By the time you finish this book, the help files and other documentation should make much more sense.

Help Files

The help files in R are an important source of valuable information. However, they are written for intermediate to advanced users.

For example, the help file for the print function, used to print your data (among other things) says, that its use is to “Print Values”, which is clear enough. However, it then goes on to say, “print prints its argument and returns it invisibly (via invisible(x)). It is a generic function which means that new printing methods can be easily added for new classes.”

That requires a much higher level of knowledge that does the SPSS description of its similar command, “LIST displays case values for variables in the active dataset.” However, when you are done with this book, you should...


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