Installing and Updating R

  • Robert A Muenchen
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When you purchase SAS or SPSS, they sell you a “binary” version. That is one that the company has compiled for you from the “source code” version they wrote using languages such as C, FORTRAN, or Java. You usually install everything you purchased at once and do not give it a second thought. Instead, R is modular. The main installation provides R and a popular set of add-on modules called packages . You can install other packages later when you need them. With over 1000 to choose from, it is a rare individual who needs to install them all.

To download R itself, go to the Comprehensive R Archive Networks (CRAN) at

Choose your operating system under the web page heading, Download and Install R. The binary versions install quickly and easily. Binary versions exist for many operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, and popular versions of Linux such as Ubuntu, RedHat, Suse, and others that use either the RPM or APT installers.

Since R is an Open Source...

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