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  • Robert A Muenchen
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When using SAS and SPSS, you manage your files with the same operating system commands that you use for your other software. SAS does have a few file management procedures such as DATASETS and CATALOG, but you can get by just fine without them for most purposes. R is quite different. It has a set of commands that replicate many operating system functions such as listing names of objects, deleting them, setting search paths, and so on. Learning how to use these commands is especially important because of the way R stores its data. You need to know how to make the most of your computer's memory.

Loading and Listing Objects

You can see what objects are in your workspace with the lsls function. To list all objects such as data frames, vectors, and functions, usels ()

The objectsobjects function does the same thing and its name is more descriptive, but lsis more widely used since it is the same command UNIX, Linux, and MacOS X users can use to list the files in a particular directory or...

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