Maximising your Learning Opportunities

  • Lucinda Becker
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Read this chapter for help in the following areas:
  1. if you are unsure of the difference between primary and secondary texts

  2. if you feel overwhelmed by the range or number of books you feel that you should read

  3. if you are unused to planning your time in relation to your studying

  4. if you find your reading lists difficult to manage

  5. if your reading lists seem far too long

  6. if your reading lists are too short, or lacking detail and guidance

  7. if you want to find out how to boost your reading lists and how to find and use your own sources

  8. if you find information technology confusing, or are unclear how to use it to your advantage

  9. if you find it daunting to approach lecturers whom you do not know well

  10. if you would like to do more academic networking, but are confused as to how to go about it

  11. if you would like to know more about ‘virtual tutorials’

  12. if you would like to be more creative and successful in making searches on your computerised library catalogue

  13. if you can never find the books that are on your reading list

  14. if you would like to improve your reading skills and style

  15. if you feel that there are just too many books in your life at the moment



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