What is a Brasian?

  • Roxy Harris
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Drawing on cultural studies, as well as sociolinguistic and sociological perspectives, this book has identified the emergence of a new and distinctive kind of social and cultural formation amongst young people in Britain of South Asian descent. I recognise at once that the grouping I have studied is not the only type of social and cultural formation discernible among young people of South Asian descent in Britain. The profile of the Blackhill youth is, for instance, heavily weighted in the direction of ethnicities related to an origin in India. There are, of course, other formations in Britain which, had they been studied, would have been strongly inflected towards South Asian ethnicities with origins in Pakistan or Bangladesh. Nevertheless, I am confident that other researchers will find similar forces at work amongst young people of Pakistani and Bangladeshi descent, as those I have found amongst the Blackhill youth. On the other hand, it is certainly the case that in all three of these groups with South Asian connections, there are other tendencies and formations in which the retention and reproduction of traditional cultural stances and practices are very strong, whether related to language, religion or cultural tastes. However, it is the attitudes and behaviours of the latter collectivities which have received the overwhelming proportion of the attention from discourses circulating.


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