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Sinn Féin Centre Stage: The Search for Political Growth, 2001–4



With the republican political veto effectively in place in Northern Ireland from 2001, the attention of Sinn Féin switched increasingly south of the border. This is not to suggest that Northern Ireland was abandoned. On the contrary, the party sought to consolidate its lead over the SDLP — something it did with considerable success, as the results of the 2003 Assembly and 2004 European elections showed.2 Moreover, as shall be demonstrated, the Northern Irish peace process continued to be a crucial vehicle for Sinn Féin, by which the party could advance its agenda and present itself in a positive light in the Republic of Ireland. Nevertheless, the effort to achieve significant political expansion in the south was now given new urgency by republicans. Indeed, in the words of Jim Gibney, it became ‘the number one priority’ for the party in this period.3


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