Coastal Constructions in Lea Anderson’s Out on the Windy Beach

  • Valerie A. Briginshaw


Beaches and the sea, like cities (see Chapter 3), are constructed spaces resonant with connotations. Seaside spaces, and the bodies that inhabit and play in them, mutually construct each other. However, this is no straightforward, simple matter. As leisure spaces, beaches and seaside resorts have associations with activities such as swimming, sunbathing and seaside entertainment. The sea is also a source of imagery in folklore and mythology and a powerful, sometimes dark, environmental force. The British postmodern choreographer, Lea Anderson, has drawn on these very different sources as inspiration for Out on the Windy Beach (1998) which is performed on and around a beach hut, set in a range of outdoor locations near water. The piece demonstrates the complexities and fluidities inherent in the mutual construction of subjects and spaces.


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