Mathematical Models of Adipose Tissue Dynamics

  • Junghyo JoEmail author
  • Zeina Shreif
  • Jonathan R. Gaillard
  • Matilde Arroyo
  • Samuel W. Cushman
  • Vipul Periwal
Part of the Studies in Mechanobiology, Tissue Engineering and Biomaterials book series (SMTEB, volume 16)


Adipose tissue is the main organ for long term storage of energy in the body. Adipose cells store excess energy by enlarging and/or increasing in number, while they provide energy by releasing fat and shrinking as needed. The regulation of energy storage capacity is not a simple problem considering the uncertainty of following food intakes and physical activities. In this Chapter, we introduce the inference of adipose tissue dynamics from adipose cell-size distributions using mathematical modeling and Bayesian inference. We examine recruitment of new adipose cells, growth/shrinkage and death of existing cells under positive/negative energy balance. A comprehensive understanding of adipose tissue dynamics can provide new insights into metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes.


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