Synthesis of Oxygenated Heterocyclic Compounds via Gold-Catalyzed Functionalization of π-Systems

  • Jose L. MascareñasEmail author
  • Fernando LópezEmail author
Part of the Topics in Heterocyclic Chemistry book series (TOPICS, volume 46)


During the last decade, there has been an impressive amount of new reactions catalyzed by gold (I or III) complexes, many of which lead to oxygen heterocycles in novel, practical, and efficient ways. In this chapter we have selected the most representative examples of the use of gold catalysis for the synthesis of oxygenated heterocycles, with an organization based on the type of reaction. Each section pretends to give an overview of the potential of each particular strategy and its usefulness to prepare synthetically relevant oxygenated rings. Heterocyclic systems that contain other heteroatoms in addition to oxygen have been essentially excluded, as well as those examples in which the oxygen atoms merely acts as a connecting element between two reactive functional groups.


Cyclization Cycloaddition Gold catalysis Heterocycles Organometallic catalysis Oxacycles 


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