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A Synonymous Mutation at Bovine Alpha Vitronectin Domain of Integrin Host Receptor (ITGAV) Gene Effect the Susceptibility of Foot-and-Mouth Disease in Crossbred Cattle

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Integrins are one of the major biologically active proteins responsible for Foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV)- host interaction. Out of various heterodimeric integrins discovered, αVβ6 heterodimer serves as the chief receptor for FMDV host tropism. Earlier studies reported that, SNPs at beta 6 subunit (ITGB6) were associated with the occurrence of the diseases in cattle. In this study we report the association between a synonymous SNP (rs719257875) at bovine alpha vitronectin domain of integrin receptor (ITGAV) gene and FMD susceptibility in cattle. A strong significant association (P < 0.0001) of the genotypes with FMD susceptibility were obtained, where the CC genotypes play a major role in occurrence of FMD in crossbred cattle.


  • FMDV
  • Synonymous SNP
  • Cattle

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This project was funded by Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi, Govt. of India (SR/WOS-A/LS-437/2012 (G)). The authors are thankful to Director, ICAR-CIRC, Meerut for providing necessary facilities for conducting the study.

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All animal experiments were performed following protocols approved by the Institutional Ethical committee.

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We declared that none of the authors have any kind of conflict of interest interest for submission of this present manuscript.

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