Structure and Reactivity of Carbones and Ylide Stabilized Carbenes: Contributions from Theory

  • Bitupon Borthakur
  • Ashwini K. Phukan
Part of the Structure and Bonding book series (STRUCTURE, volume 177)


This chapter presents the results of theoretical studies on divalent C(0) bases as well as on ylide stabilized carbenes. The primary difference between C(0) and C(II) compounds is the presence of two lone pairs at the central carbon atom of the former, unlike one in the latter. Theoretical studies reveal that the first and especially second proton affinity values can be used to distinguish carbenes from carbones. Further, the difference in reactivity of C(0) and C(II) compounds towards electrophiles such as H+, BH3 and AuCl is also found to be effective in distinguishing these two classes of compounds. Moreover, the 13C NMR chemical shifts of the central carbon atom as well as reactivity towards nucleophiles such as CNMe provide another criteria for distinguishing not only C(0) and C(II) compounds but also those having hidden C(0) characters. In addition, this chapter also deals with the recent studies carried out on ylide stabilized carbenes which possess excellent electron donation abilities. However, the ylide substituted carbenes are found to be ineffective towards activation of small molecules like H2 and NH3 due to the absence of a suitable low-lying π-acceptor orbital at the carbene centre.


13C NMR Carbenes Carbones Proton affinity Ylide 


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