Structural Information from Oligonucleotides

  • Richard WardEmail author
  • Olav SchiemannEmail author
Part of the Structure and Bonding book series (STRUCTURE, volume 152)


The important role of DNA in biology has been known for a long time, but during the last decade it has become apparent that also RNA has many more functions than previously believed, ranging from gene regulation to catalysis of the polypeptide bond formation in the ribosomes. Thus, biophysical methods are needed that will allow the unravelling of their structures and conformational changes as well as dynamics and complex formations. Advances in site-directed spin labelling (SDSL) of oligonucleotides and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopic methods like pulsed electron–electron double resonance (PELDOR or synonymously know as DEER) offer a means to achieve this and have been applied to various oligonucleotide systems. This chapter will give an overview of recent developments and applications in this field.





Circular dichroism


Continuous wave


Double electron–electron resonance




Electron paramagnetic resonance


Förster resonance energy transfer


Nuclear magnetic resonance


Pulsed electron–electron double resonance





The BBSRC (BB/H017917/1) and the Wellcome Trust (13973) are acknowledged for funding and the Research Councils of the UK are thanked for an RCUK fellowship.


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