Designing Molecular Catalysts for Selective CH Functionalization

  • Steven M. Bischof
  • Brian G. Hashiguchi
  • Michael M. Konnick
  • Roy A. PerianaEmail author
Part of the Topics in Organometallic Chemistry book series (TOPORGAN, volume 44)


The design of molecular catalysts for the selective hydroxylation of hydrocarbons is an important challenge. Designing systems that couple the CH activation reaction with oxy-functionalization of the resulting M–R intermediates has emerged as a promising strategy to meeting this goal. A large number of well-defined CH activation systems have been reported, but relatively few have been utilized as efficient hydroxylation catalysts. The primary reason for this observation is that most efficient CH activation catalysts are incompatible with the conditions required for oxy-functionalization of M–R. Significantly, the reported systems for CH hydroxylation suffer from a combination of challenges related to product protection, poor reaction selectivity, low catalytic activity, stability, and/or expensive product separation which have prevented further development. The design of next generation systems that are more active for both the CH activation and M–R functionalization steps will be directly dependent on improving reaction selectivity and stability of the catalyst systems. Herein, we outline the requirements for meeting these goals in regard to developing new oxy-functionalization catalysts and describe our efforts in this area.


CH activation CH functionalization Functionalization Hydrocarbons Hydroxylation Oxidation 



Ligated metal complex


Base- or acid-modulated catalysis










Density functional theory


Electron-donating group


Electron-withdrawing group


Protic ligand


Highest unoccupied molecular orbital






Lowest unoccupied molecular orbital






2-Electron acceptor oxidant


Protecting group




Room temperature


Turnover frequency


Turnover number


Transalkyl reductive functionalization


Transition state


Leaving group (e.g., halide, triflate, sulfate)


O-atom transfer oxidant



We gratefully acknowledge financial support of our research by the Chevron Corporation for R.A.P. and The Center for Catalytic Hydrocarbon Functionalization, a DOE Energy Frontier Research Center (DOE DE-SC000-1298) for S.M.B., B.G.H., and M.M.K.


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