MOMENTS — Multimedia services in a narrow-bandwidth cellular environment

  • Manfred Leisenberg
  • Tommi Lindgren
Conference paper
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With the rapid success of the Internet and the World Wide Web online access to distributed multimedia data became feasible to experts, but also to regular customers of commercially available Internet- services. At the same time relatively inexpensive and widely available wireless data communication services became available to the mass market. Within the coverage of cellular networks the vision of multimedia information access for “everyone, anytime, anywhere” became reality. This paper describes concept and implementation of MOMENTS (MObile Media and ENTertainment Services) — a complete WWW on-line service for mobile customers. MOMENTS is a joint project of 10 leading European companies. The project is partially funded by the European Union ACTS program. MOMENTS' client- server architecture employs cellular GSM/DCS-1800 telephone networks for data connection. MOMENTS provides several information services specifically designed for mobile lowbandwidth applications, e.g.: automatically adapted third party on-line servicesDetermination of customers geographical location, dynamical provision of location dependent content. Dynamic SMS alert of events to be specified within the service, specifically processed and distributed Video/ Audio material, variety of specific premium services especially designed for the mobile professional Enhanced animation/3D presentation techniques. Additionally, MOMENTS provides a unique micropayment technology which employs the mobile phone SIM card for purse purposes. Charges for services are automatically deducted from this purse. The purse can be “tilled” by on-line withdraw from the customers bank. The MOMENTS- service also provides specific secure authentication capabilities. On clients site the usage of the system within a narrow-bandwidth environment is supported by a number of specifically designed browser plugins. Capabilities of plugins include audio/ video decompression, visualization of vector data and VRML data, acquisition of mobile phone cell information. The complete system was successfully installed and tested on trial sites in Italy, UK, Germany.


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  • Tommi Lindgren
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