TTM15 — a large multi-site improvement project

  • Graham Allen
  • Leighton Davies
  • Göran Lindmark
  • Even-André Karlsson
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Ericsson is committed to provide world class products to it's customers. As our products are more and more dependent on software we have taken on a corporate goal to build a world class software organisation. This has lead to several local and global improvement initiatives. In this article we describe one of the improvement projects, TTM15 within Ericsson's business unit for fixed telecommunication networks. What is unique with this project is the size and distribution of the target organisation. This has given many organisational challenges, but also opportunities in synergy effects, peer networks and learning from each other. This article describes the goals, organisation, content experiences and current status of the project.


Process improvement incremental development team work reviews process adherence GQM CMM 


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  • Graham Allen
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  • Leighton Davies
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  • Göran Lindmark
    • 1
  • Even-André Karlsson
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  1. 1.Ericsson Telecom ABStockholmSweden
  2. 2.Q-Labs AB Ideon Research ParkLundSweden

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