STDL as a high-level interoperability concept for distributed transaction processing systems

  • Eric Newcomer
  • Hartmut Vogler
  • Thomas Kunkelmann
  • Malik Saheb
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The Structured Transaction Definition Language (STDL) is a language-based programming interface to transactional protocols and runtime systems. STDL isolates within the language transaction processing features, allowing an implementation to hide underlying communications mechanisms, like TxRPC and CORBA/OTS, from the programmer. Because of its design centre in distributed processing, STDL already includes many features of object-oriented systems. Completing the transformation to an object-oriented language provides a migration path from procedure-oriented TP to object-oriented TP and simplifies the substitution of object-oriented communication managers.

This paper describes how the concept of STDL is used in the ACTranS project for portability and interoperability of heterogeneous Distributed Transaction Processing Systems, including the support of object-oriented TP systems.


Distributed Transaction Processing STDL OTS X/Open DTP Interoperability Portability 

List of acronyms


A Transaction Processing Toolkit for ACTS


Advanced Communication Technology and Service


Common Object Request Broker Architecture


Communication Resource Manager


Distributed Computing Environment


Distributed Transaction Processing


Interface Definition Language


Internet Inter-ORB Protocol


Object Management Group


Object Transaction Service


Remote Procedure Call


Structured Transaction Definition Language


Transaction Processing


Transactional Remote Procedure Call


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  • Hartmut Vogler
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  • Thomas Kunkelmann
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  2. 2.Darmstadt University of Technology, ITODarmstadt
  3. 3.INRIA RocquencourtLe Chesnay Cedex
  4. 4.ENSTParis Cedex 13

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