T-SMART-task-safe, minimal Ada realtime toolset

  • Brian Dobbing
  • Marc Richard-Foy
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1251)


This paper describes T-SMART, an Ada executive and toolset for the production of safety critical and hard real time applications. T-SMART consists of three integrated parts:
  • Ada83 executive audited to DO-178B for use in safety-critical systems

  • Traditional Ada compilation system tools eg. Compiler and Debugger

  • Tools to support verification, eg. schedulability and coverage analysis.

The existing toolset is compatible with the revision of the Ada language (Ada95) in order to ease the transition when the Ada95 safety-critical market is established. Although such toolsets are not uncommon, the significant differentiator is that the runtime executive has undergone the most stringent independent auditing to DO-178B standard, making it suitable for formal certification. Use of this toolset in actual safety-critical applications lays to rest the view that Ada tasking cannot be used in this market sector, and so provides valuable input to the evolution of the Ada95 Safety Annex H.


Certification Software Reliability Ada83 Ada 95 


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  • Marc Richard-Foy
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