A toolset for architecture independent, reconfigurable, multi-agent systems

  • Marcus J Williams
  • A T Bendiab
Session 6: Agent Control and Management
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1219)


Large computer systems are expected to have long lifetime. For this reason, a system should evolve as user and system demands change. Attempts have been made at this in the field of distributed systems where configuration languages have been developed for just this purpose. Multi-agent systems provide a better solution to this problem but lack the development environments that are available for traditional software. This paper presents a generic agent shell and two agent system languages, ADLe (definition language) and ARCLe (reconfiguration language) for use with this shell. It is proposed that they will provide the basis for an environment that fills this gap.


re-configuration multi-agent systems agent programming 


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  • Marcus J Williams
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  • A T Bendiab
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  1. 1.Computer Supported Concurrent Engineering Research Group, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, Design and ManufactureManchester Metropolitan UniversityUK

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