Coordinating services in open distributed systems with Laura

  • Robert Tolksdorf
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Open distributed systems are computing systems that can be characterized by a heterogeneity of involved machine- and network architectures as well as of the data processed. They have to be able to integrate existing applications, to cope with the use of multiple programming-languages, and potentially high dynamics by joining and leaving components.

The coordination language Laura is designed to facilitate the use and offer of services in such a system. It is based on a shared collection of forms describing offers, requests, and results of services, called the service-space. Laura's operations permit the exchange of forms via the service-space, guided by a matching-rule based on a subtype-notion on service types. The uncoupled coordination paradigm inherited from Linda allows it to meet the requirements of open systems.

An architecture for a distributed Laura-system is described, that is scalable and can be adjusted to organizational borders. The architecture has been implemented on top of the ISIS toolkit.


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