Telesensation fusion of multi-media information and information highways

  • Nobuyoshi Terashima
Invited Talk
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1006)


Telesensation is a concept of combination of virtual reality and telecommunications. Through it, an image of a scene from nature or an image of a museum exhibit from a remote place is instantly transmitted over high speed transmission network to a viewer.

Displaying such an image stereoscopically, the viewer can enter the scene which is a virtual world and walk through it. They can not only walk through but also touch the leaves on a tree and a wall in the museum as if they were in a same place.

Therefore telesensation can smash the bonds of time and space.

In this paper, the concept and technologies of telesensation are introduced.


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  1. 1.ATR Communication Systems Research LaboratoriesJapan

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