The use of an object repository in the configuration of control systems at CERN

  • Wayne Harris
  • Richard McClatchey
  • Nigel Baker
Real-Time Database Systems
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1006)


The CERN-based CICERO project is creating a general purpose Control Information System (named Cortex) which will enable physicists and technicians in integrating computer control systems across computer networks using standard protocols and interfaces. Cortex has two major functionalities: a configuration based tool for describing the components to be connected and their interfaces, and an on-line message passing system. An Object Oriented Database is seen as an essential feature of such a system, both for the control system configuration process and to provide information for the on-line system. This paper reports on an investigation into the requirements for the use of an Object repository in providing these features. The requirements are compared to the functionality provided by a set of current, stable commercially available Object Oriented Databases, to demonstrate areas where features need to be developed, either by the application programmer or the database developers.


Distributed Systems Object Database Control Systems Object-Oriented Design 


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  • Richard McClatchey
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  • Nigel Baker
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