Integer programming for partitioning in software oriented codesign

  • Markus Weinhardt
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 975)


This paper presents a new partitioning method for software oriented hardware/software codesign. It is applied to the use of field-programmable accelerator boards. In the underlying model the dedicated hardware has no direct access to the host memory, and communication is slow. Therefore detailed data-flow information is necessary to minimize the communication overhead between host and accelerator board. The partitioning problem is formulated as an integer (linear) program which simultaneously determines which code regions should be implemented in dedicated hardware and which data has to be communicated, so that well-known optimization algorithms can be applied.


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  • Markus Weinhardt
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  1. 1.FakultÄt für InformatikUniversitÄt KarlsruheKarlsruheGermany

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