Database requirements of CIM applications

  • G. Kappel
  • S. Vieweg
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 973)


Changes in market and production profiles require a more flexible concept of manufacturing. Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) describes an integrative concept for joining business and manufacturing islands. In this context database technology is the key technology for implementing the CIM philosophy. However, CIM applications are more complex and thus, more demanding than traditional database applications like business and administrative applications. In this chapter we systematically analyze the database requirements for CIM applications including business and manufacturing tasks. Special emphasis is given on integration requirements due to the distributed, partly isolated nature of CIM applications developed over the years. An illustrative sampling of current efforts in the database community to meet the challenge of nonstandard applications like CIM concludes this chapter.

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extended relational database systems object-oriented database systems database requirements of CIM 


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