Optimization problem in inductive inference

  • Andris Ambainis
1 Inductive Inference Theory 1.1 Inductive Inference of Recursive Functions
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 961)


Algorithms recognizing to which of n classes some total function belongs are constructed (n > 2). In this construction strategies determining to which of two classes the function belongs are used as subroutines. Upper and lower bounds for number of necessary strategies are obtained in several models: FIN- and EX-identification and EX-identification with limited number of mindchanges. It is proved that in EX-identification it is necessary to use n(n−1)/2 strategies. In FIN-identification [3n/2 − 2] strategies are necessary and sufficient, in EX-identification with one mindchange- n log2n+o(n log2n) strategies.


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