Object-oriented technology education and training: Bridging the gap between academia and industry

  • Mary Lynn Manns
  • Gretchen I. Puhr
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The benefits of object-oriented (00) technology have been widely cited in both academic and industry circles. One of the major challenges facing these audiences is 00 technology education and training. There is a shortage of software engineers who are knowledgeable and skilled in 00 technology. Universities are challenged to integrate OO concepts, analysis, design, and programming into existing curricula. Business and government organizations are challenged to retrain existing personnel in OO techniques and technology.

This workshop begins to address these challenges by bringing together educators and trainers involved in teaching OO concepts, analysis, design, programming, and/or project management. The purpose of the workshop is twofold: (1) to identify the education and training needs of the academic and corporate groups represented, and (2) to identify opportunities for the groups to collaborate in order to meet their needs. The motivation for the workshop is the belief that collaboration between academia and industry is both desirable and necessary. It will improve our understanding of the issues facing 00 educators and trainers and can result in synergistic relationships that address the issues.

The workshop will be centered around small group sessions followed by discussions with all workshop participants, where ideas generated in the small groups will be presented and discussed. The objective is not only to identify problems or weaknesses in 00 education and training, but to work toward solving the problems.

The workshop leaders have nine years of combined experience in 00 education and training, at the undergraduate and graduate levels, in computer science and information systems departments. They have also worked closely with organizations trying to develop 00 training programs.


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