CEDEX A tool for the selection of a development and execution environment for real time on-bord applications

  • Jean Abadie
  • Béatrice Busquere
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The aim of CEDEX project was to give an help to any user for the selection of the software development and execution systems, and to provide information on performance, predictability, cost, ... The CEDEX application has been developped by CISI under CNES contract. In a first time, the context of CEDEX has been restricted to Ada real-time on-board applications, but could be easily extended to other applications and languages.

During the CEDEX specification phase, some criteria have been defined for each aspect of a real-time on-board application environment: development system (compiler, debugger, ...), execution environment (performance, scheduling, ...). Some of them have been gathered into themes called constraints. Some others have been developed and split into sub-criteria.

During the study, the following has been defined:
  • - 31 constraints

  • - 167 criteria

  • - 314 sub-criteria

The aim of CNES and CISI is to make CEDEX a reference for applications needing to select the “best” environment according to their specifications. So, the more environments are evaluated, the more valuable the informations obtained are.

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Real-Time Embedded Aplications Evaluation Cross Compiler Systems Ada 


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