Extended application of Ada to cover ECBS with O4S

ECBS=Engineering of Computer Based Systems O4S=Objects For Systems
  • Ingmar Ögren
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 887)


The system concept is presented as a structure constituted from objects from the categories mission, operator, software and hardware. It is shown how Ada's semantics and syntax can be used in the pseudo language Odel to describe system structure and object behaviour, regardless of object category.

Experience form 10 years of Ada-based methods work has led to an understanding of the evolutionary and iterative nature of systems work, expressed in the O4S method with its “ball-bearing” development model. It is shown how the method makes it possible to unify system and project structure and thus optimize project resource utilization.

Application areas for the O4S are shown concentrating on system development with cooperation between users and developers.

Experiences from a small army radio communication is shown which indicate that O4S contributes to fast work with concurrency between design, implementation and test.


Ada system software hardware mission object Universe of Discourse environment 


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