Design of a meta-parallelizer for large scientific applications

  • Jean-Yves Berthou
Conference paper
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The ”classical parallelizers” integrate more and more sophisticated and costly parallelization techniques. As a result, they are limited by the size of the program they are able to compile and are not well suited to parallelize real scientific programs whose parallelism detection complexity may differ very much from one code fragment to another.

The goal of our work is the construction of a meta-parallelizer for shared memory MIMD machines, LPARAD (Large applications, PARallelizer, ADaptative), able to efficiently parallelize large scientific programs with minimum help from the user in a minimal time. The implementation of LPARAD within the scope of the PAF [PAF90] project validates our approach.


automatic parallelization meta-parallelizer adaptative and interactive parallelization performance measures subprograms inlining 


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