On the enumerative geometry of aspect graphs

  • Sylvain Petitjean
Geometry and Shape II
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 800)


Most of the work achieved thus far on aspect graphs has concentrated on the design of algorithms for computing the representation. After reviewing how the space of viewpoints can be partitioned in view-equivalent cells, we work in this paper on a more theoretical level to give enumerative properties of the different entities entering in the construction of aspect graphs of objects bounded by smooth algebraic surfaces. We show how tools from algebraic geometry can be used to compute their projective characters and other numerical invariants.


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  • Sylvain Petitjean
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  1. 1.Crin-Cnrs & Inria Lorraine Bâtiment LoriaVandœvre-les-Nancy cedexFrance

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