The capacity of CDMA cellular: Reverse link field test results

  • Roberto Padovani
Keynote Paper Session II: CDMA
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 783)


This paper presents results from field tests of the CDMA system developed by Qualcomm. The CDMA system, now EIA/TIA digital standard IS-95 [1], has undergone extensive field tests since its early inception. The latest series of technical tests was conducted in San Diego, California by Qualcomm in cooperation with several cellular carriers and equipment manufacturers during the month of August 1993. The tests included a total of 8 sectors in the San Diego area in conjuction with 86 mobile units and additional simulated subscriber units.

The intent of the tests was to provide an accurate measure of the capacity of the system, to validate the standard with compliant equipment, and finally to aid service providers in understanding the tradeoff of system parameters as large CDMA networks begin to be deployed.


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