Logic based structure rewriting systems

  • Andy Schürr
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 776)


This paper presents a new logic based framework for the formal treatment of graph rewriting systems and graph languages as special cases of rewriting systems and languages for arbitrary relational data structures. Considering its expressive power, the new formalism is intended to contain almost all forms of nonparallel algebraic as well as algorithmic graph grammar approaches as special cases. Furthermore, our formalism tries to close the gap between the operation oriented manipulation of data structures by means of graph rewrite rules and the declaration oriented description of data structures by means of logic based languages.

Nevertheless, the main motivation for the development of yet another structure rewriting approach was not to combine the advantages of graph grammar based and logic based languages but to provide us with a solid fundament for a formal definition of our own graph grammar based language PROGRES, which is a kind of visual data definition and data manipulation language. This language has been designed for specifying and rapid prototyping of complex data structures and contains many constructs which enhance its expressiveness considerably (like definition of derived properties, consistency constraints, rewrite rules with complex application conditions and embedding rules) but which were not definable within the framework of a single already existing graph grammar approach.


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