CASE — Computer-aided systems engineering, a new approach for developing IM-systems with special consideration of CIM systems

  • Martin Zauner
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The paper deals with a new approach for developing Information Management (IM) Systems with special consideration of CIM systems. For example. CIM systems are well known since many years, but there is no recommondation how to develop them well. Concrete industrial applications are still rarely seen and the existing ones are mostly realized as special systems. So. two significant examples show, how to design integrated informations management systems for different applications. The idea is, to connect the strategy of open systems with object orientated systems design. It is show on one example that deals with hospital information systems (HIS) and another one that shows a computer integrated manufacturing (CIM) system.


RDBMS active database management systems client/server concepts CIM concept IM concepts prototyping right-sizing open systems 


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  • Martin Zauner
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  1. 1.Department of Systems Engineering and AutomationScientific Academy of Lower AustriaKremsAustria

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