Fuzzy concepts for predicting the behaviour of other drivers on a highway

  • Friedhelm Mündemann
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 695)


The task to solve is the automatic “safe” guidance of an autonomous mobile vehicle along a German highway (AUTOBAHN) at moderate to high speed. To assist the necessary decision making process of how to behave “safely” in an actual traffic situation, data about the road itself (e.g. number of lanes, lane width, lane markings), traffic signs and other traffic participants around the own car have to be gathered, represented and interpreted appropriately. In this contribution fuzzy concepts are suggested in the development and use of part of an internal world model, based on which sensor data about other traffic participants can be evaluated and a prediction of their short to medium range future behaviour (i.e. their expected movements) can be derived such that decisions about the own future behaviour can be drawn.


Preparation of decisions with uncertain/vague data Real-time fuzzy expert systems Application: autonomous mobile vehicles 


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