Architectural aspects of multimedia CD-I integration in UNIX/X-Windows workstations

  • Klaus Meißner
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 614)


This paper describes the integration of CD-I systems in UNIX and X-Windows/Motif workstations. It is based on results of the ESPRIT project MULTIWORKS. First a short overview of the main CD-I features is given. A description of the basic requirements for the integration of CD-I in professional workstations follows. One of the major requirements is the support of off-the-shelf CD-I titles running in a Motif window concurrent with other UNIX applications and the support of new UNIX/Motif multimedia applications, which use the CD-I player as a digital video, sound and CD-ROM sub-system. The client/server architecture and the separation and distribution of time critical multimedia API functions over both systems (UNIX WS and CD-I system) are presented in more detail with special emphasis on the critical problems concerning real-time handling. Finally some experiences with the system are described.


Multimedia Optical Storages CD technology CD-I DVO Multimedia API UNIX X-Windows Motif 


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  • Klaus Meißner
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  1. 1.PoINT Software & SystemsPhilips Kommunikations IndustrieSiegenGermany

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