Software process planning and execution: Coupling vs. integration

  • Chunnian Liu
Conference paper
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EPOS is a kernel Software Engineering Environment integrating Software Configuration Management and Software Process Management. EPOS has a software process planner, based on the EPOS-OOER data model, and working on a versioned software engineering database — EPOSDB with an original Change-Oriented Versioning (COV) paradigm. The EPOS Planner applies non-linear and hierarchical planning techniques to Software Process Management. This paper describes the design, implementation and preliminary experience of the EPOS Planner. Specially, we present and discuss two different methods to combine planning and execution of software processes: coupling and integration. The former makes a good compromise between static reasoning and dynamic execution/triggering; while the latter provides a new solution to modeling and automation of software development iteration and replanning.


AI for Software Planning Software Process Management 


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