Report on the process session at chinon

  • Anthony Earl
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A provisional notification of two events was given. Both will take place during the Fall/Autumn 1990. The 1st International Software Process Symposium will take place over two days in Tokyo, Japan. The 6th International Software Process Workshop, “Support for the Process”, will be in Kyoto, Japan.

In the relatively short amount of time available the group touched on many important issues associated with process. The diversity covered by the term process was identified and explored. The reasons for the growing interest in process in the SDE community were discussed and change singled out as being a very important factor. Many issues concerning the kinds of formalisms suitable for handling process were covered and here the main conclusion was applicable to the whole process session: we have learned very few lessons from experience except that process is at least as important as data, but the study of process is a general direction for SDE research in the future.


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