A.I. means advanced informatics

  • J. Hebenstreit
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Artificial Intelligence is a generic name under which are gathered the problems for which we believe that a minimum of human intelligence is required for their solution. The set of these problems is not well defined in the sense that there is no formal procedure (algorithm) available to decide whether a problem does or not belong to that set mainly because there is no formal definition of human intelligence.

By and large “intelligent machines” are still wishful thinking.

However beyond and despite various fads and fashions, what Artifical Intelligence has brought to computer science is an increasing interest in types of problems which were not seriously studied before. This in turn has led to concepts, methods, techniques and tools which progressively have spread over all areas of computer science.

It can thus be said that AI through the various theoretical and practical questions it has raised in many domains of Computer Science from formal logic to programming languages could be more properly called Advanced Informatics than Artificial Intelligence. By ways of consequence AI has also led to drastic changes of the contents of Computer Science Curricula which should be more properly called “Advanced Informatics Curricula”.


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