A.I. in the undergraduate programme at loughborough

  • R. P. Knott
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We have so far only had 8 weeks experience of teaching the new course so it is to early to decide what we have got right and what we need to change. The balance of courses between Software Engineering. Computer systems and other areas like A.I. was a hard fought battle and the outcome perhaps reflects the importance which the computing community in the U.K. currently gives to each of these areas. Certainly those of us in the A.I. area are a little disappointed that we were not able to get a larger slice of teaching. We do however accept the case that most of our future students will follow the path of our past students into the computer industry and commercial sectors. Not until the U.K. computing community start to really take on board the lessons and methods of A.I., can we expect A.I. to play a more significant role in our Undergraduate programme.


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