Refinement of concurrent systems based on local state transformations

  • Lucia Pomello
Technical Contributions
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 430)


The paper presents a notion of preorder with related equivalence between concurrent systems which supports functional abstraction and refinement. Such abstraction and refinement disregard action names (the action alphabet can be changed) while they require to preserve local state transformations. Since Petri Nets explicitly model both states and state transformations, concurrent systems are considered as modelled by Petri nets, precisely by contact-free Elementary Net systems in which some states are observable (S-labelled systems). The proposed preorder, called State transformation (ST) preorder, is defined on the basis of morphisms between the OLST-algebras associated to the compared systems. OLST-algebras describe the state space of S-labelled systems characterizing system behaviour in terms of observable local state transformations. The paper presents the construction of the unique canonical representative of each ST-equivalence class of S-observable systems, a subclass of S-labelled systems, and discusses ST-preorder and equivalence over S-observable systems in the framework of system development.

Key words

functional abstraction and refinement observable local/global states local state transformations morphisms preserving local state transformations 


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