Transformation of combined data type and process specifications using projection algebras

  • M. Große-Rhode
  • H. Ehrig
Technical Contributions
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 430)


The concept of projection specifications was recently introduced as a purely algebraic approach to the specification of continuous algebras in the framework of metric spaces. It allows to combine data type- and process specifications within one formalism. Parameterized projection specifications, corresponding to usual algebraic parameterized specifications, carry over compositionality to combined data type and process specifications. The parameter part may contain data types as well as process types. Transformation concepts for algebraic specifications are shown to apply also to projection specifications; i.e. extension and refinement, and different notions of implementation can be generalized to projection specifications.


Projection Specification Projection Algebra (Continuous Algebra) Parameterized Projection Specification Horizontal and Vertical Operations Refinement R-Implementation 


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  • M. Große-Rhode
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  • H. Ehrig
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