Special function unit for statistical aggregation functions

  • Mahdi Abdelguerfi
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This paper presents the design of a special purpose MOS processing unit for statistical aggregation functions such as SUM, COUNT, and AVERAGE. Tuples are input to and output from the proposed unit in parallel, one bit at a time. The processing of tuples is completely overlapped with their I/O time. The function unit is composed of a number of identical bit-serial structures operating in parallel. The architecture and VLSI implementation of the proposed unit is considered. The performance of the proposed design is compared with the implementation of statistical aggregation functions on the parallel pipelined relational query processor described in [1]. The comparative analysis shows that our approach performs significantly better than that of [1].

Index terms

Database Machines Statistical Aggregation Functions Parallel Processing Bit-Serial Architecture Odd-even Network VLSI 


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  • Mahdi Abdelguerfi
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of Electrical EngineeringUniversity of DetroitDetroit

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