A teachware concept for education in CAD

  • Luiz Ary Messina
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The evolution of a CAD class teachware-based is therefore: 1) Transfer of concepts through electronic media followed by explanations from the teacher, 2) Individual work on the concepts, 3) Exercise the concepts through the task-oriented menus based on the journal file, 4) Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 for the necessary concepts.

The use of a journaling function for solving tasks and supporting the design/draft work through dedicated menus provides new facilities for training teachers and students. Some advantages and guidelines have been pointed out in order to assist the relation teacher/student and to improve the learn process. The design/draft history and its analysis gives also support to the development of new features in a CAD system.

A learning process supported by electronic media, by simulation of concepts, structures, processes and by interactive work, approaches the qualified demands of the market.

Courses have already been held under this model and their success provides a means for continuing the research and the implementation work.


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