A method to check knowledge base consistency

  • Alain Beauvieux
Session 12 Databases And Knowledgebases
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 338)


When developing expert systems, checking knowledge base consistency becomes more and more necessary. As it has been done in a Data Base Management System (DBMS), we propose to define along with the deductive rules, new relations to specify what is permitted and what is forbidden. A definition of knowledge base consistency, integrating these new relations, is presented, based on classical logic. We expose a method to prove this property, constructing new structures which model the knowledge base. A theorem is demonstrated which shows that proving the knowledge base consistency is equivalent to proving the consistency of our structures, which is easier to do. Finally, a method which allows an incremental construction of the knowledge base is presented.


Knowledge base consistency integrity constraint knowledge base model incremental construction 


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