Rapid Analysis of High-Dimensional Bioprocesses Using Multivariate Spectroscopies and Advanced Chemometrics

  • A. D. Shaw
  • M. K. Winson
  • A. M. Woodward
  • A. C. McGovern
  • H. M. Davey
  • N. Kaderbhai
  • D. Broadhurst
  • R. J. Gilbert
  • J. Taylor
  • É. M. Timmins
  • R. Goodacre
  • D. B. Kell
  • B. K. Alsberg
  • J. J. Rowland
Part of the Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology book series (ABE, volume 66)


There are an increasing number of instrumental methods for obtaining data from biochemical processes, many of which now provide information on many (indeed many hundreds) of variables simultaneously. The wealth of data that these methods provide, however, is useless without the means to extract the required information. As instruments advance, and the quantity of data produced increases, the fields of bioinformatics and chemometrics have consequently grown greatly in importance.


Vibrational spectroscopy Mass spectrometry Dielectric spectroscopy Flow Cytometry Chemometrics 


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  • A. M. Woodward
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  • A. C. McGovern
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  • H. M. Davey
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  • N. Kaderbhai
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  • D. Broadhurst
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  • R. J. Gilbert
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  • J. Taylor
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  • É. M. Timmins
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  • R. Goodacre
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  • B. K. Alsberg
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  • J. J. Rowland
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