On Struik-Tilburg Cryptanalysis of Rao-Nam Scheme

  • T. R. N Rao
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 293)


A private-key cryptosystem using algebraic codes was presented in CRYPTO 86 [l] and it is referred later [2] and also here as Rao-Nam Scheme. Subsequently, a chosen-plaintext attack was presented by Struik and Tilburg in a rump session of CRYPTO 87 and appears in this issue [2]. This note addresses a major difference between the types of chosen-plaintext attacks on privatekey algebraic code cryptosystems vs. the other more conventional private key schemes, and presents a rebuttal to the conclusions given in [2].


  1. [1]
    T.R.N. Rao and K.H. Nam, “Private-Key Algebraic-Code Cryptosystems”, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Advances in Cryptology-CRYPTO’ 86, pp. 35–48, (Editor A.M. Odlyzko), Springer-Verlag 1987.Google Scholar
  2. [2]
    R. Struik and J. Van Tilburg, “The Rao-Nam Scheme is insecure against a chosen-plaintext attack”, A Rump Session paper, CRYPTO’ 87. A revised version appears in this issue.Google Scholar

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  • T. R. N Rao
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  1. 1.The Center for Advanced Computer StudiesUniversity of Southwestern LouisianaLafayette

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