An XML-based Framework for Dynamic SNMP MIB Extension

  • Ajita John
  • Keith Vanderveen
  • Binay Sugla
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 1700)


Current SNMP-based management frameworks make it difficult for a network administrator to dynamically choose the variables comprising the MIB at managed elements. This is because most SNMP implementations represent the MIB implicitly as part of the agent code - an approach which impedes the runtime transfer of the MIB as a separate entity to be easily shipped around the network and incorporated into different applications. We propose the use of XML to represent MIBs at managed elements. We describe a network management toolkit which uses XML and the Document Object Model (DOM) to specify a MIB at runtime. This approach allows the MIB structure to be serialized and shipped over the network between managers and agents. This use of the DOM for MIB specification facilitates dynamic MIB modification. The use of XML also allows the MIB to be easily browsed and seamlessly integrated with online documentation for management tasks. XML further allows for the easy interchange of data between network management applications using different information models.


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  • Ajita John
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  • Keith Vanderveen
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  • Binay Sugla
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